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20 Ideas to Promote Viral Marketing Campaigns

Sept 30th/2010

Even the most viral of content needs to be promoted a bit before it will really take off. The idea is to get a large base of initial viewers. That way, the spread of the content will take off much faster, and you are not in danger of a good viral campaign fizzling out.

These 20 ideas to promote a viral marketing campaign should keep you busy, and will help you get your viral marketing campaign off the ground.


7 Hot Viral Marketing Campaigns Any Business Can Run

Sept 29th/2010

Today we are going to review a variety of marketing techniques that are generating a lot of favorable talk for the companies using these methods. Each can be used to generate more talk about your business and increase sales leads.

Some are complete business strategies, others are the basis for a strong advertising campaign, and some make powerful slogans for a business.


Types of Viral Marketing - 12 Ways to Make Viral Content

Sept 27th/2010

The majority of successful viral marketing campaigns owe their success to a handful of viral marketing techniques. This list makes a great starting point for anyone who is brainstorming something they can build that will go viral.


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