Public Relations Ideas

Public relations is essentially advertising, but without the expenses the providers of advertising space charge.

Subdisciplines of public relations include Media Relations (attracting free publicity by networking with media outlets) and Networking.

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Article Writing

Write an article or column for a local newspaper or industry publication.


Article Writing Online

Write an article and submit it to article syndication websites on the Internet.


Help a Reporter

Join Help a Reporter to take advantage of free media exposure


Help Local Organizations

Sponsor a local team, club, organization, or charity. Volunteer to help out at events to network with those involved in the organization.



Be on the lookout for opportunities to be interviewed by the media, website owners in your industry, or in trade publications.


Local News

Contact a television news network and ask them to run a story about your business. To build media contacts, you may want to start by offering to be interviewed as part of any stories about your industry.


Online Press Releases

Submit your press release to free and/or paid press release websites on the Internet.



Networking is a form of public relations. See the Networking section of this website for more public relations ideas


Press Releases

Submit a press release to local newspapers. Your press release should benefit the reader first and your company second. Do it the other way around and it probably won’t be published.


Public Appearances

Appear on a radio or local television program. Get involved in a public capacity at large events.


Public Speaking

Speak at an event, tradeshow, college classroom, or other speaking engagement.


Publicity Stunt

Do something off-the-wall to attract the attention of people and the media. Just don’t get yourself arrested in the process. Pretending a kid is trapped in a giant metallic balloon is probably off limits for the time being.


Publish Your Own Magazine or Monthly Newsletter

Distribute your own magazine or newsletter through the mail to zip codes that fit your target market.

Support the mailing/production costs through ads for complementary products/services.


Radio Stations

Partner with radio stations in ways that are not perceived as advertisements. Your local radio station is open to many non-advertising formats such as running a contest involving your business, broadcasting from your business for a day, or having you on the air talking to the host.


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