Promotional Item Ideas

Promotional items are branded merchandise you can giveaway, or occasionally sell for a profit.

If you command high brand loyalty, you can sometimes use these as prices or value added items.

Most of these ideas were chosen because they are frequently used items which provide you with a low-cost source of advertising.

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Print balloons with your logo on them and hand them out to children.



Give away bookmarks branded with your logo and color scheme. If your product involves a book or even a group of papers, slip a branded bookmark in.

Guerrilla Marketing Bookmarking Idea

Go to your local library, find every book a person in your target market might read, and place one of your bookmarks in them. Or, offer a stack to the librarian to give away to library patrons. Librarians love bookmarks.


Bumper Stickers

Some of your customers (or blog readers) may be willing to place a bumper sticker on the back of their vehicle.

It’s not very expensive to print a few out and place a small graphic on your home page offering to send a free bumper sticker to anyone who wants one.



Believe it or not, you can get calculators branded with your company logo fairly cheaply.



Print a calendar that features pictures related to your product or service. Mark the various sales and promotions you plan to run throughout the year. Include a coupon section at the bottom of each month’s calendar with coupons good during that month only.


Car Shades

Car shades are those little visors that keep the sun out of the driver or front seat passengers eyes. It could be hard to convince somebody to put this in their car, but if you have the right product or very strong customer loyalty you could be able to pull it off.



Create a CD-ROM business card you can hand out to qualified prospects with a professional presentation that preloads when the CD is placed in a computer.


Children's Toy

Brand a children’s toy with your logo, such as a ball or Frisbee. Even if your target market is adults, the kids who play with your toys may point your store out to their parents each time they pass by.



Sell or give away t-shirts, hats, or other clothing.


Coffee/Travel Mugs

Cups, mugs, and glasses make great promotional items. They are cheap to produce and generally have a long lifespan in your customer’s home or office.



Coasters are an inexpensive giveaway. Their downside is that most are one or two use items which don’t hang around very long. High-end premium coasters with your logo subtly imprinted on them could make great Christmas gifts or tokens of appreciation for your high-end clients.


Custom M&M's

M&M’s allows you to create custom M&M’s with your own message on them. These make great unique giveaways that are sure to be talked about.



Customized Checks

Print customized checks with your business logo and a tagline describing the unique benefit of using your service, or upselling an additional service you provide.


Deck of Cards

Give out branded decks of cards. Cards are a very viral giveaway thanks to poker nights, bridge nights, and other group card games.


USB Drives

USB Drives are hot items right now. USB drives that attach to key chains are almost guaranteed to be seen daily.



Market on your invoices by listing all of the additional products/services you provide and your unique selling proposition.



Create a keychain with your logo on it. Works best for useful items such as bottle openers, laser pointers, or those small portable digital photo frames.



If your target market contains a lot of smokers, a branded lighter could make a great giveaway. Lighters are fairly viral as well (especially among heavy drinkers) because people routinely steal these by accident when they borrow a light for their smoke.


Mouse Pads

Give away mouse pads with your logo as prizes or to your best customers.


MP3 Players

Not the cheapest promotional item you can find. The plus side to branded MP3 players are they rarely thrown out.

However, if your audience consists mostly of adults, you may not always get your monies worth out of MP3 players as giveaways because they could immediately give them to their children, and never see them again.

Branded MP3 players make great contest giveaways you can feature in your advertisements. “Spend $100 and get entered to win an MP3 Player” type promotions can work quite well.



Notepads can make great giveaways. We have notepads from several companies floating around our office, and papers from these pads often make their way to our clients.



Branded pens and pencils are cheap to produce. Very few people throw away a pen or pencil, so they typically have a long stay with the people you give them out to.


Refrigerator Magnets

Print refrigerator magnets that contain your logo, contact information, and USP. Leave a few on your car. If your car is branded to your company, it makes sense to offer people the ability to take your card if they are interested.



Print stickers with your logo and give them to children that visit your store. Use your stickers to brand other items in your store such as your cash register or computer.


Sticky Notes

Sticky note pads are easy to give out, and have some viral potential. This is especially true if you can get them into the offices of realtors, mortgage brokers, financial planners, or other professionals that deal with a lot of paperwork. They often scribble notes down on them for their clients and attach them to their paperwork.


Stress Ball

What better than associating your company with things that make your prospects feel better?


Supplier Giveaways

Ask your suppliers for promotional items you can give away to your clients.


Tape Measure

Branded tape measures are available for a decent price. These make great promotional items for anyone who deals with people in the construction industry regularly.



Umbrellas are great promotional items. How else can you convince people to hold an advertisement for your business above their head all day for you?


Water Bottles

Water bottles are items that are often used regularly. Water bottles make great giveaways for any business whose target market is active or health conscious


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