Portfolio Ideas

This section contains ideas to showcase your work in a variety of creative formats, and to get your portfolio in front of more people.

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Charitable Samples

Do pro-bono work for local charities or community groups to build up your portfolio. If you are just starting out, these are probably the easiest samples to acquire because their budgets are too small to afford professionals.



Upload photos of your work on Facebook



Upload photos of your work to Flickr.


Keep Samples on You

Keep samples of your work on hand at all times. You never know when you’ll run into a potential customer.


Mobile Portfolios

Create a mini-portfolio you can pull up on your iPhone or Blackberry when you are out.



Take and collect photos of your work. Any job you don’t get a picture of is a lost opportunity.


Portfolio Fusion Marketing

Ask/pay related businesses to place your portfolio in their store/office.


Sales Aids

Create a professional portfolio you can bring to sales meetings you go on, or when a customer drops in out of the blue.



Ask your customers for testimonials. This should be an ongoing process as many won’t be usable. Always search for those rare perfect testimonials that are believable, highlight how you are different from others, and show how your product solved a problem.


Website Portfolio

Upload samples of your work to your website. Visitors want to see what you can do for them before they make contact with you.


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