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Guest Blogging

Oct 14, 2010

Reach a new audience by offering to write a guest blog post on a popular website.

Facebook Networking

Oct 13, 2010

Facebook makes a great networking tool. Use your personal account for networking.

Conversion Rate

Oct 12, 2010

A 1% website conversation rate increase can be better than a 25% increase in traffic!


Oct 11, 2010

Identify the max. you’ll spend to get a new customer. Experiment with different combinations.

Current Events

Oct 10, 2010

Tie your business into current events. Write follow-up press releases for hot news items.


Oct 9, 2010

When is the last time you had a marketing brainstorming session with your employees?

Viral Content

Oct 8, 2010

Google said content was king. Viral Content is actually king. There is too much content

Break the Mold

Oct 7, 2010

Be different from others in your industry. Adopt strategies from other industries.

Customer Satisfaction

Oct 6, 2010

Every purchase is an opportunity for repeat purchases and viral marketing.

Event Marketing

Oct 5, 2010

Run a recurring event every month. If it’s fun or useful, it will become viral over time.

Bounce Backs

Oct 4, 2010

How can you make your customers "bounce back" for another purchase sooner than they planned?


Oct 3, 2010

Niche community based websites are springing up for all sorts of topics. Join communities about your niche.

Power Networking

Oct 2, 2010

Say something to everyone you meet. A simple "nice day huh" can lead to a new customer.

Customer Retention

Oct 1, 2010

Stay in touch with past customers. The longer you go without contact, the less likely the are to return.


Online Networking

Sep 30, 2010

Webmasters can open lots of doors for your business. Get 5 Ideas Here:



Sep 29, 2010

How interactive is your business & your website? People want to participate & interact.


Experience Marketing

Sep 28, 2010

Starbucks doesn’t advertise, they create an experience people talk about.


Company Mission Statement

Sep 27, 2010

Create a “Company Mission” and tell everybody about your goal. This is a great viral marketing strategy.


Google Alerts

Sep 26, 2010

Find people who are looking for your products by setting up alerts for targeted key phrases



Sep 25, 2010

How many people are advocates for your business, recommending their friends/family to try it?


Niche Facebook Groups

Sep 24, 2010

Create various Facebook groups which cater to small segments of your market.


Useful Website Content

Sep 23, 2010

If your website doesn’t offer anything useful who will link to it?

Make a list of things your target market will find useful, and add those things to your website regularly.


Promotional Materials

Sep 22, 2010

Arm Your Friends/Family with promotional materials to give away to people they know who need your service.



Sep 21, 2010

Ask every customer for a testimonial – even a short two or three line statement about their experience.



Sep 20, 2010

Get your logo printed onto a shirt, hat, and jacket and wear your brand constantly.



Sep 19, 2010

Make a teaser version of your product you can give away for free such as a guide with free tips.



Sep 18, 2010

Publish a small free ebook and distribute it through ebook libraries. PDF’s move fast online.


Make Your Business Fun

Sep 17, 2010

Don’t be so serious. Have fun, and make sure your customers do to..


Viral Marketing

Sep 16, 2010

Create a list of things you can do or say that customers are likely to repeat to friends.



Sep 15, 2010

Raise the average amount each customer spends. Make a list of “goes good with” products.



Sep 14, 2010

People need to see what you can do for them. Build a marketing campaign around a small freebie.


Viral Photos

Sep 13, 2010

Pictures are very viral because of Facebook and Flickr. Encourage people to take pictures..



Sep 12, 2010

Build your businesses resume regularly. Businesses with high credibility have an easier time attracting new customers, closing sales, retaining customers, and generating referrals.

18 Credibility Building Ideas


Ask the Expert (Website Ideas)

Sep 11, 2010

Create an “Ask the Expert” form on your website. Ask for their e-mail address or phone number, and follow up on any leads you receive.

Post your answers on your website so that you have fresh content for search engines.


Trade Shows

Sep 10, 2010

Build a list of upcoming trade shows and events happening in your area your target market will be attending.

Contact the event organizers to inquire about the price of exhibiting, or opportunities to speak or demonstrate at the event. Alternatively, you could sponsor the event in exchange for advertising opportunities.


Your Biography

Sep 9, 2010

Work on how you sell yourself. Write out three to four sentences that pitch your credentials in a unique way.

Finding the perfect words to pitch yourself will come in handy in sales meetings, networking situations, when writing ads, and when adding your credentials to articles or press releases.


Be Unique

Sep 8, 2010

Have you really thought through your position in the marketplace? What makes you unique or different from your competitors? Why should people choose you?


Limited Time Offers

Sep 7, 2010

Procrastination can be a real problem for small business owners. Offer a bonus for acting now, or a penalty for delaying.



Sep 6, 2010

What are your customers saying about you to their friends? Make a list of ways to get them talking about you.



Sep 5, 2010

Challenge people to do something involving your product or service, and reward those who accomplish the goal. People loved to be challenged.


Welcome Wagon

Sep 4, 2010

Have your product or service included in your town’s welcome wagon. The welcome wagon gives a package of goods from local businesses to people who just moved to your area.


Business Breakfast Clubs

Sep 3, 2010

Start or join a business breakfast club with like-minded business professionals who can help you in various aspects of your business.

Business owners are excellent contacts who can open an endless amount of doors for your business.


Employee Morale

Sep 2, 2010

High employee morale leads to high customer retention rates. Customers can always tell if an employee dislikes their job. They can also tell when an employee loves being at work.

Focus on the morale of your staff one day every week, and make sure they enjoy coming to work.


Own a Niche

Sep 1, 2010

Pick an extremely narrow topic in your industry and become a foremost authority on that subject.

This can draw a lot of favourable attention to you whereas generalists tend to stand for nothing in particular.


Storefront Promotions

Aug 31, 2010

Dress up your stores window display for a week with balloons, colourful signs, decorations, neon lights, and other items to promote and host a week long special event to draw attention to your store.


Joint Ventures

Aug 30, 2010

Start a joint venture with somebody who sells a complimentary product to your own.

This gives you access to their customer base, and allows you to promote your product to their customers.


Referral Vouchers

Aug 29, 2010

Give out vouchers to each customer which offers a discount for any friend, family member, or coworker they give the voucher to.


Become an Online Columnist

Aug 28, 2010

Become a columnist on a popular website that focuses on your industry. Many authority websites are hungry for good writers.


Keep Samples on You

Aug 27, 2010

Keep samples of your work on hand at all times. You never know when you’ll run into a potential customer.


Offer Live Chat

Aug 26, 2010

MSN has a great chat widget you can add to your website. It is super simple to setup. It uses your MSN Messenger Chat account, and provides visitors with a way to ask you questions right from your website.


Write a Press Release

Aug 25, 2010

Brainstorm what makes your company newsworthy, and create a press release that will appeal to local or national media outlets Browse the news for stories related to your industry, and offer to be interviewed for follow-up stories.



Aug 24, 2010

Join clubs, associations, and groups your target market participates in. Attend or host events that appeal to the people most likely to buy your product or service.


Be Different!

Aug 23, 2010

Do something differently from everybody else. People love to talk about businesses that do things differently, even if those differences are small.


Fusion Marketing

Aug 22, 2010

Partner with local businesses in your community in a mutually beneficial way. Find businesses that are close by or serve the same target market you do.

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