Small Business Television Advertising Tips- Point of Purchase Triggers

Oct 1st/2010

The key to small business television advertising is to include a point of purchase trigger into both your advertising campaign and your storefront display.

When a person walks by or drives by your store, they have to see something that makes them say “Hey, that’s the business I saw that commercial for last night”.

As soon as that trigger occurs, your entire advertisement will replay in their mind. All of the benefits you talked about in your ad will rush through their head. They will immediate connect your advertisements with your businesses physical location.

Once this has occurred, every future advertisement they see will trigger the memory of where your physical location is. And this connection will seriously increase the chance of the customer responding to offers you make in future television advertisements.

The human mind has two methods of storing information. A small fraction of information is stored in your conscious mind. However, the conscious mind has a very small storage capacity.

To protect valuable information (passwords, family member names and birthdays, etc), the conscious mind dumps anything that is not critically important into your unconscious mind.

The information is still there, but it will never rise back into the conscious mind until some type of trigger brings it to the surface.

You need something, a symbol, landmark, color, or sentence at the point of purchase which brings your television advertisement out of the subconscious and into the conscious part of the brain.

A well known yogurt brand recently ran a series of advertisements featuring a young woman in a bright yellow exercise outfit. She talked about all of the benefits of the yogurt. The company then placed the same woman in the same outfit on the products packaging.

When people saw the yellow jumpsuit on the package, they immediately made the connection between the product and its advertisements. They remembered that this was a healthier brand of yogurt. They remembered the woman saying how good it tasted. It’s no wonder their sales exploded.

So the next time you venture into television advertising, incorporate a trigger into the advertisement, and place that same trigger in a prominent place where people who walk or drive by will see it.

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