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10 Guerrilla Marketing Tips for Retail Stores

Nov 9th/2010

Smart retailers know that their storefront is a crucial part of the marketing process. A storefront that converts a healthy percentage of people who walk or drive by your business is an essential part of retail store marketing.


6 Target Marketing and Niche Marketing Secrets

Oct 28th/2010

The key to marketing a small business is to reach out to pockets of the market that aren’t being well served by the big players.

These pockets, also known as niche markets, want to feel like they are buying from a company that cares about them. They want to buy from a company that understand their unique needs. And, they are often dissatisfied with what is currently available and ready to switch.


Small Business Television Advertising Tips- Point of Purchase Triggers

Oct 1st/2010

The key to small business television advertising is to include a point of purchase trigger into both your advertising campaign and your storefront display.


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