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Your website only comes up in the organic search results. That leaves a lot of places your target market gathers online.

The following Internet Marketing checklist will help you identify Internet Marketing opportunities you may have overlooked.

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Affiliate Marketing

Pay others a commission for each new customer they bring to your business. List your business in popular affiliate directories.


Article Marketing

Write useful articles about your industry. Post your articles on popular article directories. Article marketing can bring visitors to your website, and is a popular form of link building.


Become an Online Columnist

Become a columnist on a popular website like or There are many high traffic websites that are hungry for experts to publish content on their websites.

Most allow you to promote your business. Some even share a portion of the advertising revenue your content generates. Writing for a reputable website can serve as a Credibility Tool for your other marketing efforts.


Bing Business Directory

List your business in the Bing Business Directory to show up in the Bing Local Business Listings.



Start a blog and make new posts on a regular basis. Search engines love blogs because they are updated regularly. Allowing comments helps because each time a person posts a comments the search engines will see that your page has been updated. There are also a large number of blog search engines you can submit your blog to.


Blog Commenting

Post comments on blogs related to your industry and include a link to your website or blog in the comment. Be sure to provide value in your comment if you are going to include a link, or people may see your comments as spam.


Build Additional Websites

Build a website that isn’t necessarily for your business, but will be heavily used by your target market. As the owner, you have unrestricted access to promote your business directly to your target market.

These web properties can be extremely valuable if they receive heavy traffic from your target market.


Distribute Content through Backchannels

Create a PDF, PPT, or DOC and upload it to Torrent websites. Or distribute it through file sharing networks such as Limewire.


DMOZ Directory

The DMOZ Directory is one of the most popular website directories available. Search engines trust their editorial discretion, and therefore rank websites higher that have a DMOZ listing.



Create an eBay store for your business and sell products through eBay.



Write an ebook, or have one written for you by a ghostwriter on Elance. Distribute your ebook through popular ebook sites.



Create some e-cards people can send to friends or family through your website.

They could tie into holidays and promote your business subtly with a design credit, or you could use them as a referral system.

For example, you could design several creative referral cards, and let the user choose which one they would like to send to a particular friend or family members e-mail address.


Email Campaigns

Build a list of your customers email addresses. Send periodic emails to your customers with a special offer or announcing a new product or service.


Email Marketing

Email website owners that are in the market for your service. Try to personalize your e-mails so that recipients don't feel like they are 1 of 10,000 people who received your message.

Focus on what you can do for the customer before you focus on what they can do for you. Use Credibility Devices throughout your email. You have no credibility when you send an email. You have to build it throughout your email.



Create a Facebook group or fan page for your business. Release something people will find interesting or useful regularly to build your fan base.


Facebook Groups Part 2 - Additional Facebook Groups

In addition to your businesses Facebook page, create additional pages for your business.

A bakery could make a “Chocolate Lovers” Facebook group to associate itself with the best chocolate recipes in town.


Facebook Pay Per Click

Create a Facebook pay-per-click advertising campaign. Facebook offers many unique targeting options not available on other pay-per-click networks.



Post samples of your work on Flickr. Include detailed descriptions containing the words people in the market for your products are searching for.


Forum Marketing

Become active in a forum related to your industry, and position yourself as an expert in your field.


Fusion Internet Marketing

Contact website owners in your industry, in a complimentary industry, or who serve a similar target market, and offer to partner with them in a mutually beneficial way.


Google Alerts

Setup Google Alerts for keywords related to your industry. When people blog about your product or industry you will receive a link to their post, and can post a comment on their blog. This helps you network with people who are active in your industry, and can also become a source of backlinks.


Google Business Directory

There are still a lot of businesses that haven’t claimed their Google Business Directory listings. Google offers you the ability to customize your listing to include coupons, promotional text, and additional information about your business.

How often can you expect Google to put your listing first if you haven’t claimed it – or used all of the advanced options they offer?


If You Can't Do - Hire

Hire employees who have Internet marketing skills. Ask each potential employee about their knowledge of HTML and Internet Marketing. A cashier that can help promote your business when the store is empty is an extremely valuable asset.


Internet Radio

Not all Internet radio stations play music - many offer educational content. Start an Internet radio station on Live365 which features content your customers will find useful, as well as advertisements for your product and service.


Keyword Research

Discover the words people are typing into Google, and build a new page on your website around each keyword.


Landing Pages

Design landing pages for your Pay Per Click marketing campaigns. Deliver a carefully crafted sales message and provide a form that offers the reader a reward for providing their contact information.



Linkbait is a term used to describe content people will want to link to. With links becoming harder to come by, creating content people will link to is becoming more important every day.

External Resource: 101 Ways to Build Link Popularity - SEOBook


Obtain Links on .GOV and .EDU Websites

.GOV and .EDU links are powerful links to have. They can help boost your website's position in search engines. This is not necessarily because of their domain extension per say, but because these websites are almost always sources the search engines have come to trust over time.


Online Classifieds

Post classified ads on free classified directories such as Craigslist and Kijiji announcing a special offer, promotion, or event your business is running.


Online Networking

Write website owners in your industry and ask if they wish to partner in a mutually beneficial way. When emailing website owners, always focus on what you can do for them rather than what you want them to do for you.


Pay Per Click Marketing

Start a Pay-Per-Click campaign on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Pay a set price for each click.



Podcasts are digital media files (audio or video) whose primary intention is to deliver information on a specific subject to a specific audience. Podcasts help build your credibility, and can act as a source of linkbait


Powerpoint Marketing

Post a Powerpoint presentation on SlideShare. Slideshare is a website that contains powerpoint presentations on virtually any topic.


Satellite Sites

Create satellite sites for your business. Satellite sites are small laser-focused niche websites built around a narrow topic that drive traffic back to your main site, help to build your mailing list, or simply generate sales leads on their own.


Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your websites copy to include words that people looking for your services would type into Google. Add pages to your website built specifically around each primary keyword you want to compete for.



Start a Twitter account under your businesses name. Give your customers a gift, prize, or incentive for adding you. Use the account to stay in touch with your customers, and attract new ones.


Website Conversion Rate

Improve your website’s ability to turn visitors into buyers. A 1% conversion rate improvement can be more valuable than a 25% increase in traffic.


Write an Online Press Release

Online press releases are a great way to boost traffic and links to your website. By optimizing your press release for search engines, you can use your press release to rank for keyword phrases your website can’t rank for.


Yahoo Directory

Add your website to the Yahoo Directory. A lot of people still find websites through the Yahoo Directory, and being listed can help your listing in other search engines.



Post a video on YouTube which positions yourself as an expert in your field.


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