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10 Strategies to Get More Viewers on YouTube

Nov 11/2010

Today alone, 2 billion videos will be viewed on YouTube. Every minute, people upload over 24 hours of new video to the website. The term YouTube has become synonymous with the term “Viral Marketing” because it has more viral potential than anything other viral marketing method available.

Here are 10 simple strategies to get more viewers on YouTube.


Website Design Tips: 27 Tips to Help You Build a Better Website

Oct 28/2010

This post exposes 27 of the most common mistakes people make when designing a website for their small business. These tips will help you turn your website into a lead generating machine.


Google Alerts 101 - How to Set up Google Alerts Effectively

Sept 30th/2010

Google alerts is a service that scans the web for you looking for content that contains words you specify.

This means, you can be told whenever a webpage is made that contains your name, website name, or even when somebody is asking where to find products you sell.

This post is going to reveal some tricks and strategies to set up effective Google Alerts.


Internet Marketing Networking Strategies

Sept 30th/2010

Everybody talks about networking for offline businesses. But when it comes to marketing a website, nobody talks about networking.

Online networking is more important than offline networking. If you go to a networking function at your local Chamber of Commerce, you may leave with a couple leads, and a few business owners who may mention your business to a couple of their customers.

But online, the right contact can send 10,000 potential customers straight to your website in one day simply by posting about you on their blog, or e-mailing their subscriber list about your business. Online networking is the most underestimated Internet marketing weapon there is.


Six 2011 Internet Marketing Trends: Tips, Tactics, and Strategies for 2011

Sept 29th/2010

We’re already heading towards the home stretch of 2010, so I thought I would put down some Internet marketing predictions for 2011.

The year 2010 has already seen some major industry changes including the Bing/Yahoo merger and Google Caffeine. We’ve also struggled to keep up with a number of changes to Google’s algorithm, including the May Day update. And we still have a few months that should prove to be interesting as the Search Engine Wars continue to heat up between Google and Microsoft.


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