Image and Branding Ideas

These ideas will help you create a stronger brand. Creating a strong brand can help your business win large contracts. For consumer products and services, customers feel safer investing in strong brands.

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"Act as if"

In the movie "The Boiler Room" the trainees are instructed to act as if they were the president of the company. Consistently act as if you are already at the level of success you want to be at.


Advertise Your Credentials

Prominently display industry awards and certifications, completed education, and favorable press releases in your business and on your website.


Business Card

Create a unique business card that is different from any other your clients have seen before. Ask your local print shop about unique business card printing options. Google “unique business cards” for thousands of unique ideas.


Cause Marketing

Align your business with a charity in a mutually beneficial way.


Dress for Success

Overdress one level higher than expected.



Find the perfect font for your business, and own that font by using it consistently across every medium.

Use to browse thousands of fonts.


Get Professional Branding

Hire a company to design a professional logo, color scheme, and professional templates for advertisements, letterheads, brochure, and any other business communications you use regularly. If you can’t afford an agency, hire a freelancer on a per-assignment basis. Freelance graphic designers and marketers can be obtained for reasonable rates any business can afford.


Interior Design

Hire an Interior Designer to come into your store/office, and provide you with suggestions to create a more inviting area for customers. It has been proven that the color of your floor and walls directly corresponds with the number of people who buy something.

Hire a marketer to analyze your stores internal design for creative ways to maximize your profit from each customer.

Ask a graphic designer to review your website’s color scheme.


Join Reputable Industry Associations

Become a member of an industry association such as a safety or standards organization and feature their logo prominently.


Keep It Clean

Clean your storefront and inside of your store constantly. Exercise strong control over what people see from the sidewalk/street.


Own a Color

Don't just pick "red", pick an actual hex code or RGB value. "Red" is not a company color, it's 1,000,000 different colors. Be as specific as possible.

Incorporate that color into every aspect of your business from your ads to your staff uniforms. Make that color stand for the consistency your business provides and the value of doing business with you.


Position Yourself as an Expert

Become a local expert on a narrow and specific subject. Try to make yourself the one people send their friends to when they have a question on that subject. All things being equal, a specialist will beat out a generalist almost every time.



Raise your prices, and position yourself or your product as a high-end version. Come up with a list of reasons you believe people should pay more for what you are selling.

Believe it or not, raising prices can increase sales, because people perceive the product as being better than lower priced products available.



Sum up the difference between your product and competitors in one sentence. If there is no difference, sum up how your product improves your customers lives in one sentence.

If your slogan accomplishes neither of these objectives, it could be time for a change. Clever slogans aren’t clever unless they create new business.


Staff Appearance

Purchase branded uniforms for your staff or implement a minimum dress code policy.


Strengthen Your Front Line

Offer to pay for sales training for employees who act as a first point of contact with potential customers. The front line staff who interact with your customers are a key part of your businesses image.


Upgrade Your Logo

I know it's tough to abandon that logo you designed when you opened your business. However, styles change and it could be costing you a lot of business.

The widespread adoption of powerful graphics software has made most logos purchased more than a few years ago appear extremely outdated and unprofessional. If a 14 year old can design a better logo with Adobe Photoshop, it's time for an upgrade. Freelancers charge as little as $300 for professional quality logos.


Work on Your Biography

Write a short three or four sentence write-up about your accomplishments. Include it in articles or press releases you write. Create a one page biography to include with your sales materials. Post it on your website’s about page.


Your Photograph

Have your photo taken by a professional photographer. Post it in your ads, your website, and on articles you write online or offline.

If you run a retail location, post your picture on the wall along with a message that states your promise to your customers Most people prefer to deal with a person rather than a company..


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