Ideas to Improve Your Website

Many small businesses do the bare minimum when it comes to having a website. These ideas will help you generate more leads through your website.

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Accept Online Orders

Offer customers the ability to order online. They don’t necessarily have to pay online - eCommerce can be expensive. You really just need to offer the ability for a customer to submit an order through a web form, which sends you an e-mail. You can close them via e-mail or over the phone.

All retail stores should offer a “Place an Order” form on their website which allows a customer to indicate which products they are interested in and how many they require.


Ask the Expert Area

Make your website interactive, and get to know what your customers concerns are, by offering an "Ask the Expert" box.

Basically, it’s a text field people can type their questions into, and you post your responses on your website for all to see.


Build Additional Websites

Build a website that isn’t necessarily for your business, but will be heavily used by your target market. As the owner, you have unrestricted access to promote your business directly to your target market.

These web properties can be extremely valuable if they receive heavy traffic from your target market.



The right colors will boost the conversion rate of your website. When a business uses out of date or poorly chosen colors, many users don’t even make it to the first sentence of the page. They just hit the back button.


Create a Blog

Keep your website fresh and useful with a regularly updated blog. Google loves websites that are updated regularly. Regular posts will also help you keep people coming back to your website for new information.


Create Useful Content

The more words you have on your website, the more searches you qualify for in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Useful content also gives your website more ways to go viral – leading to referrals, and backlinks from other websites.

  • Articles
  • Tips
  • Hints
  • Tricks
  • Checklists
  • FAQ’s
  • Resource Round-ups
  • Detailed Product/Service Descriptions


Display Your Credentials

Display industry certifications, awards, books or articles you have written, and membership certificates to community or industry associations prominently on your website.

Your website should have some type of credibility device which reassures potential customers you are a trained professional.



Create some e-cards people can send to friends or family through your website.

They could tie into holidays and promote your business subtly with a design credit, or you could use them as a referral system.

For example, you could design several creative referral cards, and let the user choose which one they would like to send to a particular friend or family members e-mail address.



Eye-catching images are essential to deliver a strong sales message.If there is too much text on a page, and not enough imagery - many people will click the back button.

Images can decrease your website's bounce-rate, increase your conversion rate, and help you build a strong brand.


Facilitate User Generated Content

Google loves websites that change every time they visit them. There is no easier way to accomplish this than by encouraging user generated content.

Some ideas to encourage your users to contribute content to your website include comment boards, forums, member profile pages, and contests where people submit content (for example recipes) and the winner gets a prize.



Post an anonymous feedback form on your website which asks for honest anonymous feedback about your businesses service.

This can actually double as a marketing device if you place a sentence on it to the effect of "We care about providing a great experience every time – no exceptions. Please use the anonymous feedback form below if your experience was less than perfect in any way."

Not enough businesses advertise that they accept anonymous feedback. They all tend to ask for name/e-mail address/phone number. It has to be anonymous or you won’t get learn anything from the customers you lose.



Create a forum and encourage customers or potential customers to create a community on your website. Active forums act as a constant source of new content for your business. If nothing else, it can serve as a Q&A board which enables potential customers to ask you questions about your product or service.


Lead Captures

A lead capture is a short form (3-4 fields maximum) which asks for the persons name plus their email address and/or phone number. To convince them to fill out the form it’s important to offer them some sort of incentive. Many websites use free special reports, exclusive coupons or discounts, access to a members-only area, or simply offer to provide a free quote or consultation.

Every business should have some type of lead capture on their homepage, as well as prominent subpages. Lead captures turn anonymous browsers into real people you can follow-up with.


Let Your Customers Vote

Provide a poll or voting widget on your website that allows customers to vote on upcoming business decisions you are facing, new products you are considering offering, or marketing designs you are considering.

This helps customers feel involved in your company, and many will be flattered you asked for their opinion -- and may even tell their friends about which option they voted for, or how unique your business is for allowing customers to vote.


Live Chat

MSN has a great chat widget which is super simple to setup. It uses your MSN Messenger Chat account, and provides customers with a way to send you messages through MSN right from your website.


Most Desired Action

Your website should act as a funnel – all paths should eventually lead to your most desired action. Many websites act like a leaky sponge with customers falling out all over the place.

Common reasons for this include customers not being directed anywhere specific from the homepage, or being provided with too many options and getting lost in your website.

Create paths that you want your customers to follow, and have a clear action for them to take once they reach the end of that path. Multiple paths work great if you have different target markets with different needs, providing they all lead to your end goal.


Multiple Points of Contact

A strong website offers multiple methods for a customer to get in contact with them. Different people prefer different contact methods. They may prefer to call, e-mail, connect with you on Facebook or Twitter, chat live, or they may not want to contact you but instead want to subscribe to your newsletter or for special discounts through a lead capture form.

Provide an assortment of ways your anonymous website visitors can reveal their identities to you.



People want to see the work you’ve done in the past, and what type of companies you’ve worked for. Posting your portfolio online can increase your website’s conversion rate.


Profile Pages

Allow your customers to create “profile pages” or "success story pages" on your website where they can advertise their own products and services, or talk about how your product helped them achieve their goals.

By giving each customer a profile page, prospective customers can see the companies or people that are currently satisfied customers of your business.


Promote Your Website Offline

Actively promoting your website offline can be a great way to drive traffic to your website.


Share Me

Place a 'Share This' widget on each page of your website to encourage customers to refer your website with friends. Also place social bookmarking icons on your content pages to improve your performance in social bookmarking websites.


Show What You Offer

Create a separate page for each product and service you offer. Research the keywords people are typing in for each one, and optimize each page to rank well in the search engine for those phrases.

For customers, being able to browse your inventory online is a huge plus. They want to be able to research what your business does before they pick up the phone, or drive down to your store.


Special Offers

Run different contests, promotions, and specials on your website each week or even day. Give your customers a reason to check your website often.



Place testimonials on your website from satisfied customers. Try to avoid “XYZ Company is great” style testimonials. Good testimonials highlight a particular feature of the product, and explain how that feature benefited them.



Time Sensitive Offers

Promote sales, specials, upcoming promotions, and events on your homepage. These give the visitor a reason to act now, and decreases the odds they will procrastinate.


Toll Free Number

Your website will generate a lot more long-distance business if you have a toll free number instead of a local number.



Provide tools, specialized calculators, interactive quizzes, or other tools your target market may find useful. This can be a great way to get your website to go viral, and can help differentiate you from the competition.



It’s not just new customers who visit your website. Your existing customers pop by from time to time – especially if you encourage it.

Promote new products and services you offer. Upsell customers who already use one of your products or services to buy a complimentary product or service.

"Already Own product x? Double your results by adding product y".



Post videos of your product in action, or videos that explain the services you provide. Most consumers prefer watching a video to reading a large section of text. Videos have been found to improve the performance of landing pages.


Wall of Fame

Create a "Wall of Fame" with testimonials from customers that have achieved exceptional results using your product/service.


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