Customer Retention Strategies

When your business is good at keeping customers from leaving, you’ll earn more money from each customer you bring in. In addition, customers that stay longer are more likely to refer their friends to you.

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Additional Services

Provide an added value service your competitors don’t offer. It's a lot harder to leave for a competitor if you know you'll lose out on something that makes your life easier or better.


Befriend Your Customers

People buy from friends, are more loyal to friends, and are less price sensitive with friends. They also feel more comfortable telling friends when they are upset - instead of leaving to a competitor without warning.


Contact Past Customers

Contact past customers, and ask if they currently need your product/service, or have any upcoming projects you can help them with.

Stay in contact with all of your customers via phone, mail, or e-mail to let them know about new products/services you have, and upcoming specials, events, and promotions.


Customer Feedback Forms

Use customer feedback forms to identify customer service issues. Install an anonymous feedback form on your website. Tell all your customers that you encourage anonymous feedback through your website because it helps you maintain a high standard of quality.


Customer Satisfaction Scores

Survey customer satisfaction levels monthly. Base employee bonuses and incentives on the overall customer satisfaction level.


Customer Service Policies

Implement policies that reduce friction between your employees and your staff. Try to identify one issue each month which causes conflict between your staff and your customers.


Dispute Resolution Policies

Set up dispute resolution policies which specify how to deal with a customer who has a certain type of  negative experience. Empower your employees to give out a specific discount or freebee to appease upset customers in your absence.


Employee Training

Pay for customer relations training for your employees. Keep an eye out for courses that could help your employees interact better with customers. Train your front-line employees in suggestive selling and customer retention techniques.


Follow Up

Follow up with your customers after the sale. Work as hard after the sale as you did to get the sale. That is, unless one time sales with no referrals is your thing.


Hire Positive People

Increase your hiring standards. Try to increase the number of resumes you receive each time you hire, and spend time scripting your interview process to identify undesirable candidates. Ask them what they disliked about their last job or boss to see if they vent (a telltale mark of a negative person).


Interview Your Front Line Employees

Decisions in the back-office should be made after a thorough discussion with the people on the front lines. Not only will they feel more important, and hence work harder, but they know your customers better than anybody in the back-office.


Let Your Customers Vote

Let your customers vote on upcoming business decisions you are facing, new products you are considering offering, or on marketing designs you are considering.

This helps customers feel involved in your company, and many will be flattered you asked for their opinion -- and may even tell their friends about which option they voted for, or how unique your business is for allowing customers to vote.



High morale leads to high customer retention rates. Customers can always tell if an employee dislikes their job. They can also tell when an employee loves being at work.

A 1% productivity increase is never worth a 5% drop in morale. Productivity will drop by 2% or more over the long run every time, and customer retention rates will suffer from the drop of morale.

Many managers have trouble balancing the productivity/morale equation. A manger who masters this balance has unlimited potential in the business world.



Every customer leaves knowing whether you like your job or not. If you can get excited about what you do your customer will pick up on your passion, and they will be more loyal as a result.

A really great manager is one who can instil that sense of passion into each of their employees. A manager who can do so in minimum wage employees is a rare gem you should never let go of.


Personal Relationships

Show a genuine interest in your customer’s lives and goals. Building personal relationships results in fiercly loyal customers and a steady stream of referrals.


Quality Assurance

Create policies that ensure strong quality control. Quality assurance standards help avoid negative interactions with customers before they happen.


Secure the Second Visit

There is a huge drop-off between the first and second purchase in most industries. Find a way to increase the number of first time visitors that turn into repeat visitors.

Send something special to your customers after their first visit, a special coupon for their next visit, or even something more elaborate like a welcome kit. .



Customers notice. Smiling regularly can build more repeat customers and referrals than any promotion, special, or discount ever could.



Survey your customers to find out what they like and don’t like. Ask them for ideas to make your product/service better. Talk to your former customers regularly, and ask them why they left.


Thank You

Thank every customer for their continued business every time they purchase something.


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