Credibility Building Ideas

People deal with businesses they trust. But how do you make them trust you before they see what you can do? These ideas build your credibility, and help you close those big sales.

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Article Writing

Write articles about your industry for prominent industry publications.


Article Writing Online

Write a column on reputable websites like or



Write a book or e-book about your industry. Even a short 20 page self-published print on demand book can do wonders for your credibility.


Don’t Hoard Your Knowledge

Give away a secret or two from time to time. If you are younger or unknown this can be very important.


Give Speeches

Offer your services for tradeshows, industry events, chamber of commerce events, or even events unrelated in your industry. Public speaking gives your networking efforts a strong boost.


Hold a Webinar

Host scheduled web-seminars where you give away tips or advice in a question/answer format. Upload the video to Youtube when it's over.


Host a Paid Seminar

Run a monthly class where you impart your knowledge onto others – for a price. In some industries (such as Internet Marketing) you can charge a fee for attending and receive some business from some of the attendants afterwards – although either on its own could make this worthwhile.


Host Free Seminars

Hold a free seminar at the public library or another community place that offers low-cost or free space. These help build your reputation while generating leads at the same time.


Newspaper Columns

Write a column related to your industry in your local paper. A mortgage broker could write on financial topics. Over time you’ll become recognized as a trusted authority in your industry.


Position Yourself as an Expert

Forward interesting news stories, articles, tips, and online resource related to your industry to your clients, perspective clients, friends, and family from time to time.


Prominently Display Industry Certifications

Display your qualifications prominently in your store/office, on your website, and reference them in any publicly released information you publish (i.e. articles and advertisements).

Take tests and apply for certifications offered in your industry so you’ll have additional qualifications to display.


Publish a Press Release

Network with the staff at local media outlets, and try to have a press release created that favorably highlights your business or your accomplishments. Post it prominently in your store/office.


Run Podcasts

Host a weekly podcast where you give away valuable information.


Teach a Class at a Local Community College

Teaching a class can help you establish authority in your industry. For some it can even serve as a lead-generator as your students may become your future customers.



Constantly collect testimonials whenever possible. When a client thanks you for doing a good job, ask them if they could write it down. Keep your eye on e-mails you receive - sometimes a great statement about how you help people will be hiding in the middle of an e-mail.


Write a Newsletter

Start a newsletter and give tips, tricks, and hints away to subscribers.


Quality Assurance Standards

Quality assurance isn’t a glamorous marketing option because the benefits are longer term. However, quality standards and customer service assurance policies protect you from negative publicity, and open the door for positive publicity.


Wall of Fame

Create a "Wall of Fame" with testimonials from customers that have achieved exceptional results using your product/service.


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